Romanian Salt mines- health and leisure

Turda salt mine- the lake

Romanian Salt mines- health and leisure

Romania was given with many natural resources and that’s a fact. A main reason for Romans to long for the ancient Dacia resources was the main reason for the Roman conquest in 106AD. Ancient Dacia was  once settled on actual Romanian territory and stories about wealth, wisdom and courage of Dacians  make Romanian people nowdays to believe in their faith. A local story says that the Roman aristocracy had a party for an entire year after this conquest, as they had plenty of gold in Dacia. Another  old resource on actual Romanian land, exploited since Roman time is salt and about salt mines in Romania I am going to write you today.

There are  six main salt mines today, which once stopped the industrial exploitation become touristic attraction and also a natural place where people with breathing  and skin disorders can relaxed and find a medical amelioration to their condition.   The six mines are : Slanic Prahova, Ocnele Mari, Targu Ocna, Praid ( pronounced like English “pride”), Turda, Cacica.

Praid Salt Mine

Praid Salt Mine

The touristic attraction consists  in the fact that you are actually able to visit those enormous or long halls of salt, to see levels of exploitations and have fun at the same time.  In these mines you can spend several hours  and not get bored : there are playgrounds, tables where to eat, churches, ball rooms or even places for adventure, like ziplines in Praid salt mine, or boats in Turda mine.

Turda Salt mine

Turda Salt mine

Regarding the health aspect, there is term between salt mine treatment: haleotherapy. Since Romans than during medieval times, people discovered that miners in salt mine are healthier,  not suffering from breathing disorders. It was only in 1843 when the Polish doctor Feliks Boczkowski who noticed the benefits of salt over the miners breathing health and established a spa in  Wieliczka upon this observation. Today, physicians build salt rooms, rooms used in their therapy for breathing, allergies and skin disorders and patients pay great deal of money spending several hours stuck on a chair in a room covered by salt. The advantage of salt mine comparing to a room is the fan that you have; you explore new places, do things while the salt helps your breathing system. Actually, it is said that people going there are supposed to stay a minimum 4 hours/ day, 10 days minimum  and do exercise, for better results.


Now,  don’t take salt mine  treatment as a universal  cure-all!  There are also restrictions. People conditions or blood pressure disorders are not recommended to stay in the salt mine.  The issues that the salt is recommended for are : weaken immunity,  breathing disorders, allergies, skin infections ( salt acts as antiseptic). Anyway, before taking a salt cure in a salt min, we advise you to ask your opinion.

Following days I am going write about every single mine.


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